Food: Dislikes and Weaknesses

Important to know about me: I’m unfortunately a picky eater. Despite being comfortable with vegetarianism (really, I’m going strong and not craving anything right now), there are more than a few things that I refuse to eat (I know, I know), and a couple things that may spell disaster for my new healthier lifestyle. You may ask why I didn’t list any Likes, but once you eliminate dislikes and weaknesses, it’s safe to assume I like everything else. 🙂


Eggs – I know they’re a great source of protein, but I could never stand the smell or the texture. But I’m going to be lacking protein this year, so if I can figure out a way to mask the smell or hide egg in things, like fried rice, I may be able to stand them.

Tomatoes – I have never ever ever enjoyed tomatoes. I can eat them pureed or cooked down into sauce, but in pieces (either raw or cooked) they kind of make me gag. However I’ve become quite adept at picking them out of things, so this is just a fact of my existence now.

Bell Peppers – I don’t hate all vegetables, I swear. But store-bought green, red, and yellow bell peppers often have a really tough skin that I can’t quite stand. I find home grown or organic peppers to be a lot tastier, but as a poor college student I’m not sure I can afford those.

Coconut – I’m Indian! But I really don’t like coconut. I only bring this up because coconut is often used in savory applications in many South Indian vegetarian dishes, which would ideally be great for this challenge since many of them are incredibly healthy, but I just can’t stand them. That being said, coconut milk makes a great healthy alternative for heavy cream in many South and Southeast Asian curries and soups, so I will definitely be testing out that substitution this year.

– – – – –


Potato Chips – I don’t even know how to explain how much I love potato chips, it’s that bad. They might account for a full 10% of my diet, which is gross. I need to make my potato chip intake significantly smaller. I should be having them less than once a week, if even that. Seriously, I’ll eat them in any flavor, any brand, with any meal. No limits. I need to keep them far, far away.

Indian fried snacks – all Indian people will hear me on this. They’re not healthy, they provide no nutritional value, and they are the most delicious thing in the world. There are a million different kinds, they’re all amazing. Thankfully good ones are hard to find at school, so these may be easy to avoid.

CHEESE – The worst part about cheese is that, in small amounts, it is quite healthy. Especially for someone who doesn’t drink milk regularly, cheese is a good source of calcium. Unfortunately I really, really love cheese. Any variety, though I prefer sharp cheddar. I heard somewhere that the serving size for cheese is the equivalent of 4 dice, which is much smaller than my usual intake. My biggest challenge will be eating the right amount.

If you want pizza, have it. [But] if you have too much or feel crappy afterward, own that choice. And if you don’t want to feel that way again, you know what to do.

– Sara Ramirez, Glamour Magazine


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